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What to expect

What to expect

Sessions are usually 2-3 hours in length, with clients lying down, fully clothed and using hypnosis and relaxation techniques to be able to enter an open state where memories can surface and the past can be explored in a safe and helpful manner. Although you may be in a state of deep relaxation, you will still be in control of the session and be able to stop it at any point.


The session will end with a review and some time to integrate the session and to make sure that you are fully grounded and ready to re-enter the world outside of the session with new tools and awareness and hopefully a fascinating and meaningful story to take with you and explore in more detail as you reflect on it over the coming weeks and months.


​Regression Therapy Session

Get to the root of an issue that is causing pain, distress or holding you back in any way. Transform and heal, by exploring the incident or situation where the problem was created. This can be in the current life, childhood experiences or the root may be in a past life.

2.5 hours £150

Past Life Regression

Explore your past lives to discover more of your soul's purpose and gain insight and direction. Current life issues can be resolved or improved by accessing the soul's memories of other lifetimes.

2.5 hours • £150

Between Life Spiritual Regression

An in depth exploration of the between life state, including your most recent past life and to journey through the realms of light to discover your purpose for incarnating in your current life.

4 hours • £240

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