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About Steve

Hello, I'm Steve and I have been working as a Regression Therapist for the past 7 years. I completed my training with the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association in 2016.

I originally studied mathematics at university but found during that time my interest in spirituality began to develop as I looked for a deeper meaning to my life. I have continued to explore the world of spirituality and healing over the past 25 years.

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In 2007, I discovered the work of Michael Newton, author of ‘Journey of Souls’ which led to an interest in past lives and I was amazed to discover that it was possible to explore the in-between life state and discover the journey that we take as souls through many incarnations. I was fascinated by the adventures that my soul had been on in different past lives and found the insight into my current life’s journey and challenges invaluable. Before joining the Past Life Regression Academy I trained in many different forms of healing work including Massage, Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

With Regression Therapy I feel that I have found my calling and it allows me to combine the skills and techniques that I have developed over the years in order to help people to live with more freedom, clarity and purpose. I love to work with people to discover their Soul’s Purpose and to resolve any issues that may be hindering the unfolding of that purpose. It is often stunning to witness the clarity and joy that people experience after undertaking the regression journey and connecting with a deeper aspect of their soul and their purpose on Earth.


If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me via email or phone to discuss your needs. I would be very happy to hear from you.


''The most powerful healing I have experienced. Steve guided me to a memory from childhood which enabled me to release a lot of stuck emotion. Steve is very warm and I felt safe and comfortable in his presence. Highly recommended.''

- Katie M. |  Birmingham, UK

Explore Sessions

Sessions can be in-person in Lewes/Brighton & Hove/Forest Row or online. For people new to regression I recommend starting with Current Life Regression or Hypnotherapy.

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