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Sessions and Fees

 Explore the different sessions I offer

to find out which is right for you

Get to the root of an issue that is causing pain, distress or holding you back in any way.

Transform and heal, by exploring the incident or situation where the problem was created. This can be in the current life, childhood experiences or in a past life.

2.5 hours      £150

Explore your past lives to discover more of your soul's purpose and gain insight and direction.

Current life issues can be resolved or improved by accessing the soul's memories of other lifetimes.

I recommend this after Current Life Regression


2.5 hours      £150


An in depth exploration of the between life state, including your most recent past life.

This is a profound journey through the realms of light to discover your purpose for incarnating in your current life, your soul family and much more.


You must complete a Past Life Regression with me first

4 hours        £250

sunset hands_edited_edited_edited.png

Using gentle relaxation techniques, you will learn how to relax and tune in to deeper layers of your mind.

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and work to re-wire the brain to bring more peace of mind, calm and creativity to your life

1 hour             £60

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