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Current Life Regression

The purpose of Current Life Regression is to resolve issues whether they are physical, emotional or mental and gain greater freedom and power and to discover and clarify your soul's purpose in this life.

Often there are parts of us have become frozen and stuck, with unresolved feelings and thoughts from an earlier time in our lives. Sometimes, talking about our past isn't enough. We need to return there, to feel and experience what happened with guidance and support. 

The session begins with a guided relaxation meditation and from there we begin to explore your memories, gradually travelling back in time to access the awareness and emotional states of your younger self. Once a clear connection to the past has been established, you will be guided to heal and resolve whatever is brought to awareness.

Often our younger selves contain treasure and riches that we may have forgotten or cast aside as we grow older. Making contact with and honouring those parts of us can be the key to living a fulfilling and happ
y life.

By accessing our memories, and the state of being and awareness where they were created, we can heal at the deepest level.

2.5 hours      £150

Explore Sessions

Sessions can be in-person in Lewes/Brighton & Hove/Forest Row or online. For people new to regression I recommend starting with Current Life Regression or Hypnotherapy.

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