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Between Lives

Spiritual Regression

Between Life Spiritual Regression is a deeper process to access the memories of the Soul's journey between lives, to discover the bigger themes of our Soul path over many lifetimes and to get an overview of our progress in the current life.

Some of the soul memories include:

  • Past life death - leaving the physical body and being welcomed by Spirits of Light

  • Discovering your soul family/group

  • ​Meeting the Elders

The session finishes with the soul memory of reincarnating into this life and joining the baby's physical body while still in the womb.

This session is in-depth exploration of the between life state, including your most recent past life and to journey through the realms of light to discover your purpose for incarnating in your current life.

4 hours      £250

Please note: It is necessary to complete a Past Life Regression with me before embarking on the deeper Between Life Spiritual Regression. 

Explore Sessions

Sessions can be in-person in Lewes/Brighton & Hove/Forest Row or online. For people new to regression I recommend starting with Current Life Regression or Hypnotherapy.

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